Masses Begin Pentecost Weekend!

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Masses Begin Pentecost Weekend!


Masses Begin Pentecost Weekend

Just as we did at the Archdiocesan Synod in 2014, “this can be for us a new Pentecost.”  So we will begin again, anew, on Pentecost Sunday, returning to the celebration of Sunday Mass beginning with Masses for Sunday, May 31.  If circumstances warrant consideration of an earlier date, I [Archbishop Listecki] will communicate that change directly with you [Pastors].  Let us focus our energy now on preparing for a safe return and let us proceed filled with faith and hope.

  • Public Mass will be celebrated on Sundays only.  This includes Saturday evening Mass(es) of Anticipation and Sunday Masses.
  • Attendance at each individual Mass is limited to no more than 25 percent of your Church’s Occupancy Permit.
  • The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is dispensed through Sunday, July 5.

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Archdiocesan COVID-19 Updates


Dear Parishioners,

My heart is soaring to the Heavens! I can’t wait to see many of you on Pentecost when we begin Sunday Masses again. You are all so important to us and we have missed you dearly. I want to thank so many great parishioners who have continued to support our Parishes and Schools both in their financial gifts and time spent reaching out to those in our community who are alone.

We could not have made it this far without all of you. The ideas shared, the tweets, the Facebook comments and just seeing a number of you on the streets proves how great a community we are.

In our newsletter [signup link at the upper right] I am going to give you a number of the directives from the Archbishop and give all of us some food for thought on how we will carry out these directives. The Priests of the Archdiocese are all chatting today with the Archbishop to flesh out more of what will be needed on the Priests’ part. However we will not be able to open and come alive as a Parish without as many of you as possible helping based on the needs of the directives. Please be advised that Fr. Enrique and myself have not yet made some of the decisions based on the directives even though we have talked about them. That will come soon!!!!

Let’s all keep each other in our prayers as we move forward on how best to implement the plan for our parish coming together again around the Altar of God.

Blessings and Prayers, Fr. Ray Guthrie

PS: I laugh and cry at the same time because myself being over 65 I have to follow certain guidelines that are not required of most of our Priests.

Parishioners are urged to sign up for our Parish email newsletter, which includes messages with the latest information from Fr. Ray. Among other things, the newsletter is much more suited than the weekly Bulletin to distribute rapidly-changing information!


All those as defined by the health department as more vulnerable (i.e. 60+ years of age, those with compromised immune systems, those with underlying health conditions, those who are especially anxious about being in a large group, etc.) should be encouraged to stay at home.

Mass attendance will be organized in some way.
Please send suggestions to Fr. Ray at this email address; Thank You!

The use of face masks is encouraged.

Ushers will direct the Communion line and markings should be placed on the floor to preserve social distancing. Ushers, we will get to you on this as we get closer. Also we need to see who is comfortable in the Usher role at this time.

Entrance doors will be propped open to limit contact with door handles and/or hospitality ministers will hold doors open. (Probably propped open.)

The Presider of the Mass will give directions for dismissal after Mass to provide an orderly exit with proper social distancing.

Attendees should be advised to wash their clothes following the service.

All bulletins/news will be posted to the parish website or emailed to parishioners through our newsletter.